Can Solar Panels Help To Stop Climate Change?

Solar Panels

Switching over to solar energy is a great way to do your bit to help the planet, but can solar panels stop climate change overall?

The short answer to this question is: Yes. Solar panels can help to reduce climate change. There is plenty of evidence that points towards the fact that climate change is destroying our planet and the homes of many animals and people. One such example is the melting of the polar ice caps, causing a loss of habitat for many Arctic and Antarctic animals.

Going solar can help to reduce the effects of climate change, and help the planet towards a brighter future.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels are designed to act as an easy, clean, renewable source of energy. This is because they harness the energy from the sun.

More than enough solar energy arrives at Earth to power the entirety of humanity for a whole year! By using just a small fraction of what the sun sends us, we could completely reduce climate change and global warming.

Solar Panels

Each solar panel consists of lots of cells, and in each cell is the materials to convert daylight into electrical energy (it is important to note that we said ‘daylight’ – it’s a common misconception that solar panels only work when it’s sunny!).

Solar power is considered to be a clean, renewable form of energy. This means that it is not non-renewable and does not release harmful greenhouse gasses when burned (like coal or oil).

Do Only Solar Panels Stop Climate Change?

While solar panels are a great way of reducing climate change, they are not the only way. There are other methods, like hydro or wind power. However, solar panels are widely considered to be the most efficient.

They are the fastest deployable source of energy. They do not take up as much space. Furthermore, they are the most effective at producing energy.

Aside from the environmental benefits, solar panels can also be great for you!

Use them to reduce your reliance on the National Grid, save money on your energy bills, and even earn money!

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